About us

Welcome to Bandhan Emporio, a tribute to rich Indian tradition and culture. Rooted from Hyderabad (City of pearls) Bandhan Emporio is a leading luxury jewelry brand founded in 2016 when Silver Jewelry was in naive stage, showcasing luxury designer, bespoke, “Made in India” jewelry products. Bandhan is known for vibrant, ethnic and On-trend statement jewelry at affordable prices.

A line of orientated jewelry made with utmost care, Bandhan pulls inspiration for “her collections” from history and art. Handcrafting each piece using precious and semi precious materials, Bandhan offers featured designs made in Sterling Silver (92.5 %pure), with 24ct gold plating, that are rooted in traditional South Indian architecture giving a modern contemporary twist. 

Bandhan is specialized in custom designing and curated collection that epitomizes relaxed luxury, designed by our exceptional designers, handcrafted by master craftsmen.

About the Founder:

Bandhan Emporio is a brain child of Jayasree Tiruchirapally (Founder and Creative Director). Jaya is also Head, Regulatory Affairs in a Pharma Company in Canada and is first South Indian women entrepreneur in Canada to venture into Silver Jewelry when it was at a very naive stage in 2016. Today, Bandhan is a leading brand in realm of online jewelry and takes pride in curating a collection that embodies elegance, sophistication and individuality, catering clients across the globe. 

Bandhan is all about affordable luxury, exclusive standout collection starring in a sumptuous and smooth shopping experience. Join us on this journey of elegance and beauty where every statement tells a story and every customer is valued.